Volaris Cancellation Policy | Cancel Flight Ticket

12 mai 2022 - 14:57

Volaris offers a 24-hour cancellation policy for their customers. Access to that policy, customers can make any changes or cancer; Their air travel without paying any additional charges. However, keep in mind that your flight departure schedule must be after 7 or more days.
If your reservation is a round trip reservation:
You have a round trip reservation and your one-sided flight has already departed. In that case, you are only entitled to make a change in the time and date of your return flight.
If you want to change the origin or destination of the aircraft on one side, keep in mind that you will need to make related changes on the other side.
If the flight is canceled by the usual authorities, the airlines will offer you an electronic voucher with the value of the basic fare and you will also benefit from the additional services that you have previously purchased. You can use this to book a new flight within the next 180 days, but you must complete your trip within 12 months.
Volaris cancellation policy does not allow this at all. If your itinerary is affected by airline policies and is disrupted, do not worry, we will contact you immediately at the registered email address. If you plan to travel within the next 24 hours, you should constantly check the status of your flight on the airline's official website.