KLM Airlines Cancellation Policy | Refund

25 mai 2022 - 12:17

Refunds can be requested within 24 hours of ticket purchase. If the KLM flight is canceled, a refund request can be made. If the airline has changed the aircraft or seat layout, the passenger may request a refund. seat number does not match the one selected during seat selection, a refund may be requested. For upgraded business class tickets, a passenger may request a refund if the aircraft or seat layout changes. upgrade to business class, a refund request can be made. To learn more about KLM cancellation policy or other airline services, customer service can be contacted. KLM representatives can be contacted by phone or email. Any of these modes can be used and the respective contacts are available on the official website of the KLM airlines.
If the travel agency is involved in booking the ticket, refunds will be processed in the same mode. In other words, it's a travel agency. Passengers can apply for a refund in the following cases, subject to the refund conditions: Refunds can be requested for tickets within 24 hours of booking. The KLM flight was canceled and passengers did not take the alternative flight. A cancellation fee may be incurred while canceling the ticket. Refunds can be requested for intercontinental KLM flights. I will be late by more than 3 hours. If unfortunately, a passenger dies, you can request a refund.